Our Philosophy

We believe that the two important pillars in a young child’s life are the parents and the teachers. A child is learning largely from their immediate environment – an environment they feel safe and secure in. Apart from a high quality preparatory schooling program, we also has extremely safe, healthy and a learning based day care program Our teaching and learning philosophy is based on Multiple Intelligence and experiential learning, where the child learns through experiences in and around one’s learning space.

Our Standards

Kids Activity Center follow certain standards to educate the young ones. Some of our standards are as bellow.

1) Relationship:

Our teachers create a safe and secure environment for every child. An interpersonal relationship and positive behaviour is role-modelled in order to encourage individuality and build team work spirit in children. This enhances freedom of expression which intern boosts self confidence. Children thrive on the sense of belongingness and care for each other, hence moulding themselves into better human beings.

2) Curriculum:

We provides twin methodologies: teacher facilitated and child oriented curriculum. The curriculum is designed based on Multiple Intelligences, which ensures all round development of each child. To achieve this, our approach has hands on activities as well as real-life and age appropriate experiences.

3) Teaching:

We applies Multiple Intelligence teaching approach which encourages individual as well as team based learning among children. It also uses teacher directed and child directed activities like sing along sessions, puppets, story-telling, music and movement and ICT to teach various concepts. These activities are integrated and cater to different learning areas of language, mathematics and social-sciences.

4) Assessment: At Kids Activity Centre a continuous, systematic formal and informal assessment of a child is done based on daily observation. Anecdotal records and daily activities of a child are shared with parents through diary communication on a daily basis. Progress reports and portfolios are shared at the end of the term.